Immigration Physicals

AFD Services

  • We only complete the I-693 Form.
  • These are performed at our Brentwood Location.
  • We do NOT file with Insurance for Immigration Physicals, these are Self Pay only.
  • Do NOT schedule Immigration Physicals through InQuicker, Please call us at 615-373-2000 or email to schedule.
  • There is a $100 No Show Fee charged for any missed appointments that are not cancelled or rescheduled prior to the scheduled time.

Information about Immigration Physicals:

  • The fee for the physical exam does NOT include any required immunizations. See the Immunization List to see which vaccines you might need. If you have any previous immunization documentation, bring this with you to the first office visit. This will need to be translated in English before you arrive. The USCIS requires physical proof of any immunizations. We will need to include this in your sealed envelope.
  • Be prepared to visit our office at least 2 times during this process.

What you need to bring with you:

  • Picture identification such as a passport or other federally approved documentation such as a driver’s license. You must have this in order to be seen, NO exceptions. ┬áBring your medical records for any chronic or serious medical problem (translated in English).
  • Your immunization records, even childhood records, if available (translated in English).
  • Alien Registration number (starts with an “A”) or your Social Security Number if you have either one.

Immunizations Required For Immigration:

  • Your Age Tetanus & Diptheria(DT or DTP or DTaP) Tetanus & Diptheria(Td or Tdap) Polio(OPV or IPV) (2 mths to 17 yrs) MMR (If born after 1957)Measles Mumps Rubella Hib(2 mths to 59 mths) Hepatitis B(Birth to 18 yrs) Varicella Pneumococcal(2 to 59 mths)(65 yrs+) Influenza yearly each flu season(6 mths +) Rotavirus(6 weeks to 8 mths) Hepatitis A(12 mths to 23 mths) Meningococcal(11 yrs to 18 yrs)
    Birth to 1 mth X
    2 to 11 mths X X X X X X X
    12 mths to 4 yrs X X X X X X X X X
    5 to 6 yrs X X X X X X
    7 to 10 yrs X X X X X X
    11 to 18 yrs X X X X X X X
    19 to 64 yrs X X X X
    65 yrs + X X X X

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